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14 May, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 25 — Mark 12:1-27

Study 25 From the Book of Mark is: Mark 12:1-27

1.      Verses 1-12.  How does this parable clarify Christ’s unique position in relation both to God and to the prophets? What does it teach us (a) about the character of the motives which lay behind His final rejection, and (b) about His own expectation of vindication and victory?
2.     Verses 13-17.  How does this incident reveal both the wisdom of Christ and the insincerity of His questioners? What important truth was Jesus trying to convey to them, and of what relevance is this to us?  Cf. Rom. 13:1, 2, 6, 7.
3.     Verses 18-27.  The Sadducees were obviously attempting to make spiritual truth look ridiculous by interpreting it with the grossest of literalness. How does Christ show them their mistake? On what grounds does He base the certainty of the resurrection?
Note.  Verses 1-12. Since the Lord was obviously using Isaiah 5:1-7 as an Old Testament back-cloth for this parable, His hearers would know that He was referring to Israel, and that this was yet another parable of judgment.