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08 November, 2013

Devotional and Practical Meditations – A Small Number Are Christians - Ecclesiastes 7:28

When God led me to the wilderness one of the reasons I was able to withstand the pain in my soul and physically as I was losing everything I owned, was  because He showed me how how very few find the narrow gate. I remember having a hard time to pick up my jaw from the floor when I found out that Christians in the Church must also find the narrow gate and it is only as we find the narrow gate we obey the command in Corinthians 6:17 "come out from them and separate..." Even though I tend to be like David when it comes to telling God how I feel, this time around all I could say was " but I thought these verses were for unbelievers only?" Strangely by the time I said that, in the vision, He moved me forward, away from all the people I was with and I was standing by myself. The only answer I got from Him was that the reason we are not coming out and separate is because of unbelief, and we do not have true faith in Him rather faith in our faith.
Months down the road, He showed me the narrow gate we find right inside the Church is mandatory because it leads to the highway of holiness. I learned two things there. Nobody knows the door that opens to the highway of holiness because God Himself has to put you there. I also learned as you enter the narrow gate, it is dark, painful lonely, you feel like you are abandoned by Him, yet, you have to keep going because it is too dark for you to see how to go back or how to go forward. I also remember when He showed me the narrow gate, He took my left hand in His right hand, He entered first. As we entered it was pitch black but I was not scared because He was holding my hand and the gate closed behind me. We took a few steps together which was the equivalent of a week, then He left me by myself. So the only thing left to do is to take small steps one by one as you put your feet forward you realize you are trusting Him to keep you on the right path and to protect you while the darkness surround you and He hides Himself........

"I found one man among a thousand." Ecclesiastes 7:28

Only "one man among a thousand!" The Preacher tells us elsewhere the kind of man he meant — one who interpreted God's Word, and ways, entreating men to listen; one, who declared the righteousness of God, and the sinfulness of man; one who bore messages of God's grace to sinners' souls — in short, he meant a Christian. Of such he found but one among a thousand! (Job 30:23.) Was grace less frequent then than now? In Christian England (England, Christian so-called) would Solomon still find so small a number? We might expect that greater honor would attend the mission of the Comforter — that when He had to take the things of Christ (John 16:14, 15) — Christ born, Christ crucified, Christ risen, and Christ glorified — His teaching would be seen, and known, the more. Yet still we mourn the smallness of the numbers. Still the way is narrow; still the gate is strait; and still few find it. Still the road to misery is broad — and many walk in it! (Matthew 7:14.)

"One man among a thousand!" Ah, were it one in a hundred; one among ten; one out of five; or even one of two — it were sad to think how many still were lost! Full well we know, but for the grace of God, not one among a thousand would be found. One of a million would there be? One of a generation? One of a world? No, not one! This is the character of man; man as he is by nature; man unregenerate, unvisited by grace; man without Christ; man without God, "There is none righteous, no not one." (Psalm 14; Ephesians 2.)

One of a thousand is a miracle of grace; even one from Adam to Adam's latest child, would still be still a miracle; a greater wonder than if ten thousand worlds were formed anew, and twice ten thousand suns sprang daily into being!

Reader, are you a Christian? If so, your heart and mind present a miracle of miracles; a wonder far greater than anything that nature has to show. Are you disposed to mourn the smallness of the number — that Christians are so few? It is well to mourn — yet better to rejoice; better to know that all the flock are saved; that all the redeemed are written in the Book of Life, and that they shall all surely come to glory. They never shall perish, none can anyone pluck them from the hand of Jesus. He is pledged to guard — to love them to the end. He who chose them — will call them; He who calls them — will keep them; He who keeps them, will glorify them — His word is sure. (Romans 8:30.)