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12 December, 2012

True Loyalty to God

2 Chronicles 16:9
For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

 Some translations instead of 'devoted servant' say: those that are “blameless” some translate into those that are “loyal”, others “those committed” etc. But no matter the translation, the end result is that you have been set apart and taken into His purpose.

This verse is one among many in the Scriptures where we are called to be completely devoted to Him. Our commitment to Him, to the Kingdom, commitment to His Word, and His plans for Salvation is of the utmost importance to God. He wants faithful followers willing to serve Him. We are not talking about doing things for Him which is what we Christians we tend to think of when we talk about serving God. We first serve God through having our heart and soul totally dedicated to Him, and for His glory. We serve Him and fulfill the chief mandate we were created for, when we can offer ourselves up willingly to become all that He wants us to be as He lives His life freely through us.

Living a committed life in Him brings a full understanding of what He meant by: love the Lord your God with all your might, with all your strength, heart soul  and with everything that you got (my interpretation of the first commandment.) It is a life where this world has nothing on you, and nothing that can interest you. False prophets cannot sway you because you can see them coming a mile away. It means you left behind double-mindedness; you have chosen to live in the light of God and your allegiance to His truth is unmovable. It also means you have no need to seek for the truth anymore because not only you have found the truth but you are living in oneness with the truth. So, not only your life has become a piece of the truth, but you are on your way of being absorbed by the truth

I find when you are totally loyal to God; you are useless to some extend to other people. Not because you are out of touch with people around you, but because your mind is set on one thing and one thing alone “God”. While you are willing to hang around with friends, but if their focus is not on God, before long you feel it is such a waste of time.  You also get on their nerves easily because all your conversations lead right back to God. Not like a Bible Thumper but, when you have experienced what it means to be violently detached from the world (inwardly) and you have learned to cultivate the mind of Christ, you do not do it on purpose because it feels as if all your default programming has been rewired, or rewritten. So, no matter how and what people around you try to do to lure you into useless and mundane conversations to pass the time, your “new” default programming won’t take it in. I talked about that in my book “Apprehended & Apprehending,” because I have learned over times that default programming comes from living in oneness with Him.

This is extremely important. Right at the onset of my wilderness time with Him, He made it clear to me that loyalty was the key to this relationship He was leading me to. Loyalty puts you in a position to find the truth. And finding the truth is at the very basis of your Christian walk with Him. I remember in the middle of my wilderness wanderings, right after I experienced “regeneration” which was a first for me, (I also talked about regeneration in my book) the  Holy Spirit in His grace taught me how great it was to be freed from the law. He waited for me to enjoy my new freedom from the law, (it was so liberating) and three days after, He taught me that my new freedom from the law comes from the fact that I have found Him, and now, I am more accountable than ever, and I am held at a higher standard to the law just for having found the truth. Because He is the Law, He is the truth. 

My point is, in the Christian walk, all of it is merged together. It is not a question of a little bit of salvation here, a little bit of holiness, a little bit of discipleship here and there. Nothing stands on its own. All of God’s Word is put together to weave this life as one piece of cloth which could represent your own life with Him, but as a corporate people, He is building a big, beautiful multi-coloured and strong tapestry. If you are lucky enough to know Him personally, you realize the tapestry has been originated and is being held together in the hands of God the Father. 

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