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19 August, 2012

The book of Jeremiah

Jeremiah’s book is read like his own biography.  He was Born a priest, Chosen by God to be a prophet before his birth, he was called while young and commissioned by God. The message God had chosen Him to deliver was harsh, gloomy, judgmental, and brutal to hear. As such he was not accepted by his people because they did not want to hear what he had to say. Kind of like us Christians today if the message is not about what we want to hear or somewhat implies that we have to leave our comfort zone, we are ready to throw rocks at the messenger.

Jeremiah was a rejected prophet and the loneliness of his life, and the hatred he was subject to, broke his heart. More than that, Jeremiah was a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief because he knew the judgment that was coming upon these people while watching them helplessly throwing away God’s mercy. All his warnings to heed to God and to return from their backsliding were useless. Everywhere you read about Jeremiah, they always talk about his feelings because he had the tender heart of a woman. The truth is, the people needed that kind of message because they had strayed so far away from God, they were degenerated, corrupted, living with harden hearts and nothing was getting through.

From his book, we see that God cares only about total obedience. He is not willing to compromise and although He loves us, He has no problem passing those harsh sentences on us. Today, Christ is also calling us back to Him as well. Would you come back to Him?

Prayer: My dear Lord, I pray that you would revive my heart and keep me always in a constant state of awe in your presence.

M. J. André