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26 March, 2015

It's Not About Me-What is The Meaning Of Those Words?


"No matter what your circumstances may be, don’t try to shield yourself from things God is bringing into your life.  We have the idea sometimes that we ought to shield ourselves from some of the circumstances; we have to see that we face them abiding continually with Him in His temptations. They are His temptations, they are not temptations to us, but to the Son of God in us."
I like this quote and I wanted to share it with you, simply because early on I used to repeat words like “IT’S NOT ABOUT ME”.  Then the Spirit of God taught me how everything that is happening to me whether inside or outside, which means MY LIFE AS A WHOLE, is happening to Him not me. Even the lack of bare necessity or how people treat me, it is always directed to Him.

By the same token, everything you and I think about someone else, whether it is a simple murmur or an insult, it is directed to Him not the person. No matter how deserving the other person is, somehow He is the one that we hurt.  As He taught me that, I realized, as Christians, even our attitude and thoughts toward a non-Christian is also about Him who lives in us. It is phenomenal to experience this with Him. Since then, those words “IT’S NOT ABOUT ME’ have such deep spiritual meaning to me because I experienced them spiritually with Him. So, Oswald quote is so true and so real to me.  But, if I did not have this experience with Him, I would have never quite grasp spiritually speaking what Oswald is talking about