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06 July, 2014

Thank You to My Faithful Pilgrims Companions

Most of you who are used to my posts know that not only God has given this kind of ministry to me, but He is using the ministry to teach me, communicate with me and help me grow. I always love that about God. He has a way of killing 100 birds with the same stone, so to speak.

Also, when I write something on Social media that offends some, to the point where they feel so offended that the only reaction is to “unlike and/or unfriend my pages, I always worry for a little while. I do not worry because they do not like me that would be foolish simply because Christ is crazy about me so I am in good company, and also I serve only one Master. Therefore, I will stand in the truth, no matter what it takes, even if everyone left me. As the matter of fact, if your Christian ministry is not offending people to the point where they want to leave you or write you nasty emails, then you are not representing the real Christ, real Gospel and the real Truth of Christ. You might actually be a people pleaser and your ministry is more about you instead of Christ. So, I am okay with them “ unfriend me”.

The reason I worry as I mentioned above, is that I feel the need to hear from God so that I can be sure it is not a lack of love on my part that cause them to not want me. Because if it is a lack of love, then it would also be offensive to God, which would mean I am not in His will. So this week I could tell some of my postings hit some nerves. But God has awesomely taught me the difference between those who stayed and those who left. I will not share all of what He taught me because this would make a long post. Suffice to say, He put gladness in my heart and taught me to rejoice with Him that all those that are with me are part of the journey heavenward. It was such a beautiful revelation about you my community on Facebook, Blogs and Twitter. But more than that, the beauty of the revelation came when He showed me that we were all together in Him making up His Church. Our level did not matter, what mattered was that all of us have the same goal in Him.

I have to tell you that I am so amazed at how many times God talked to me about my internet family, He cares so much and He is teaching me how to view you guys in my life.  Amazingly, this ministry is taking a life on its own, in my life.  A lot of us truly underestimate our internet ministry and how God can unite all of us even through the wires.

Okay, enough for this lesson I learned.

This Friday when I posted about my dreadful situation, after I published the post, I was in tears because of the pain of my situation. I think, since I made the decision to wait for Him no matter how bad the outcome was, my pain was about coming to terms with it all, and finding the way to make my mind and God’s word match what I know about God so that everything could be in harmony. Because as long as there is no inward harmony with how to move forward with God, we feel scattered, we panic and we cannot apply the word of God in our lives, as we should.

So, after a little while I was able to find harmony within because I came to term with the fact that, even if I was to get caught through this oncoming train that I could see with my spirit, it was going to be well with my soul.  Then, the aftermath was going to be God’s business. That’s all I needed to do in order to come to terms with my situation. So God did not change my situation, but He gave me strength to go through it in a way that honors Him. Since Friday night, God has been ministering to my soul and it is good to be where I am with Him.

I decided to share because I KNOW too well, how much God is using my social media and blog ministries to teach me about myself and help me grow spiritually day by day. I smiled because I realized how God in His power can use the internet and social media ministries to minister to us. Because I used the internet for His glory, even in my isolation, I am never alone. God is using you guys and me to sharpen each other.

Then, I suddenly felt sad, because I know, not all of us understand the power of those things available to us and we feel the need to follow in the footsteps of unbelievers with our Facebook pages and Blogs. Yet, they could  be so much more powerful than that when used for God’s purpose. Please understand that I am not judging, I am sharing so you too can know the power that I am experiencing daily through my savior and redeemer.

Yes, sometimes I have to write or post about things that concerned true Christianity, the way God taught me about it. He gave me the zeal, the knowledge and the experience that I have acquired through Him, always at my own expenses. But, when I do write a quote, a verse or about a subject that I know God wants me to, if it appears to you so offensive to the point where you want nothing to do with me, it is simply because your heart is not truly sold on Christ. You want Him in your life because of what He can do for you. When you read me, what I share with you in agape love, offends you, rocks your boat and most of all, somehow touches your conscious and causes you to be uneasy, hence it is easier for you to click the “unlike “ button

So I thank all of you for who you are in Him and for taking this journey with me. We live in a world where everyone is so busy, so, those who takes the time to read me, are truly appreciated in my heart. Know that I do not take you for granted. When we meet in heaven, nothing will be hidden, so, you will know that I truly meant what I said about my appreciation and you being in my heart.

I love you all and thank you for being my “FAITHFUL PILGRIMS COMPANIONS”