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08 June, 2014



Excerpts from the book by Thomas Watson: Body of Divinity

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This is an impressive outline of a chapter on sanctification which is part of this free kindle

What is the NATURE of sanctification?
(1.) Sanctification is a SUPERNATURAL thing; it is divinely infused.
(2.) Sanctification is an INTERNAL thing; it lies chiefly in the heart.
(3.) Sanctification is an EXTENSIVE thing: it spreads into the whole man.
(4.) Sanctification is an intense and ARDENT thing.
(5.) Sanctification is a BEAUTIFUL thing.
(6.) Sanctification is an ABIDING thing.
(7.) Sanctification is a PROGRESSIVE thing.

What are the COUNTERFEITS of sanctification?
(1.) The first counterfeit of sanctification is MORAL VIRTUE.
(2.) The second counterfeit of sanctification is SUPERSTITIOUS DEVOTION.
(3.) The third counterfeit of sanctification is HYPOCRISY; when men make a pretense of that holiness which they have not.
(4.) The fourth counterfeit of sanctification is RESTRAINING grace—when men forbear vice, though they do not hate it.
(5.) The fifth counterfeit of sanctification is COMMON grace—which is a slight, transient work of the Spirit—but does not amount to conversion.

Wherein appears the NECESSITY of sanctification?
(1.) God has called us to it.
(2.) Without sanctification, there is no evidencing our justification.
(3.) Without sanctification we have no title to the new covenant.
(4.) There is no going to heaven without sanctification.
(5.) Without sanctification all our holy things are defiled.
(6.) Without sanctification we can show no sign of our election.

What are the SIGNS of sanctification?
First, such as are sanctified, can remember a time when they were unsanctified
A second sign of sanctification is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
A third sign of sanctification is an antipathy against sin.
A fourth sign of sanctification is the spiritual performance of duties, with the heart, and from a principle of love.
A fifth sign is a holy life.
A sixth sign is steadfast resolution.
Use one: The main thing a Christian should look after, is sanctification.
Use two: What are the chief INDUCEMENTS to sanctification?

(1.) It is the will of God that we should be holy.
(2.) Jesus Christ has died for our sanctification.
(3.) Sanctification makes us resemble God.
(4.) Sanctification is that which God bears a great love to.
(5.) Sanctification is the only thing which makes us differ from the wicked.
(6.) It is as great a shame to have the name of a Christian—yet lack.
(7.) Sanctification fits for heaven.

How may sanctification be ATTAINED?
(1.) Be conversant in the Word of God.
(2.) Get faith in Christ's blood.
(3.) Breathe after the Spirit.
(4.) Associate with sanctified people.
(5.) Pray for sanctification.