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05 March, 2013

He Finds His Elects No Matter Where They Are

If we could only see how beautifully God is building His Church we would stop creating denominations, stop the fight, and stop feeling superior because we are not one of those who got it wrong.

I went to a training there was time allocated for testimonies to help us see how God is working all over the world finding His people even if they are in the bushes. So, a mild manner Indonesian man came forward to share his testimony. His English was not that good. Sure they were paying attention to him but as I looked around the room I realized most people there did not see the beauty and power behind what this man was saying.

Perhaps it would have been the same for me too, had God not taken me apart for a moment, it felt like the room was empty and I was the only audience. I heard a voice whispering to me “can you see behind all these?” But I could see it because He was showing it to me. This man was a monk all his life and he shared while in the monastery, among all those idols God kept appearing to Him in dreams. Through dreams only He taught the man to know Him. He opened his eyes and his heart. Of course I am giving you the gist of it when you consider his testimony lasted about 45. (he was given 15 minutes) While this man never said the sinner prayer, he was saved because he had an encounter with the God of Salvation. He was born again. So, he left the monastery for good to find a church to get baptized.

As I was looking at the man, I could see he was filled with the Holy Spirit. I like the fact that he was so grateful that God found him when he was in a place where no one could touch him. I could see his heart was full of love for Him. When he finished talking, I shivered and I had teary eyes because I realize it does not matter where we are and which bushes we are hiding under. It does not matter the mess we are in right now
God will find those who will make up His Church.

If we could understand what it’s all about, we would chill out and submit to our Master and Savior to accomplish His will through us.